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Jul 2, 2020 - Metabolome of tomato fruit pericarp of gbp1-c CRISPR mutant
Bernillon, Stephane, 2020, "Negative mode LC-MS metabolomics of tomato fruit pericarp of gbp1-c mutants and Wild Type",, Portail Data INRAE, V1
Negative mode LC-MS metabolomic profiling of 15 DPA, 20 DPA, 25 DPA and Red Ripe fruit pericarp from the WT, gbp1-c4 and gbp1-c8 independent mutant lines of tomato.
Comma Separated Values - 2.9 MB - MD5: de4b56a515befcdc6781fd1e7309e0e4
Data output from MSDIAL software with an additionnal dry-weight normalization
MS Excel (XLSX) - 27.5 KB - MD5: 66c20ffd44b7eb0de8f6647e5ed72450
List of annotated variables
application/x-7z-compressed - 251.1 MB - MD5: 25a9f5a5ed866ba4e42df9a6240ca5ac
48 negative mode LC-MS acquisitions of samples, QC and blank extractions
Plain Text - 2.2 KB - MD5: b6ee87e24103494f0d4f668024d4f625
used parameters with MSDial v3.66
Plain Text - 48.8 KB - MD5: a7f7c5d7b7a43e942e1abd13c19869af
Bucket file to be used with NMRProcFlow tool
Plain Text - 1.6 KB - MD5: 09c3b4826a8fabd875cbb07caaf18dc3
File with the name of the samples and factors (fruit growth stages; WT, mutant lines), to be used with NMRProcFlow tool
ZIP Archive - 112.3 MB - MD5: fc93128c7bdf778206a38e54c46d16df
36 NMR spectra directories in Bruker format
MS Excel - 203.0 KB - MD5: a51a163df10ad85d4941f28ea23abacd
Table of the relative quantification by 1D 1H-NMR of semipolar extract of gpb1-c mutants and wild type tomato fruit pericarp.
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