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May 29, 2020 - Experimental - Observation - Simulation Dataverse
Bénard, Camille; Biais, Benoit; Ballias, Patricia; Beauvoit, Bertrand; Bernillon, Stéphane; Cabasson, Cécile; Colombié, Sophie; Deborde, Catherine; Gaillard, Pierre; Génard, Michel; Gibon, Yves; Jacob, Daniel; Maucourt, Mickael; Moing, Annick; Vercambre, Gilles, 2018, "FRIM - Fruit Integrative Modelling",, Portail Data INRAE, V4
The project aimed to build a virtual tomato fruit that enables the prediction of metabolite levels given genetic and environmental inputs, by an iterative process between laboratories which combine expertise in fruit biology, ecophysiology, theoretical and experimental biochemist...
application/json - 37.2 KB - MD5: 795d1dfccf94106121b996734b2f8fdb
ODAM datapackage based on JSON Schema
May 25, 2020
May 18, 2020 - SPOmics
Delannoy, Etienne; Jakalski, Marcin, 2020, "The genomic impact of mycoheterotrophy: targeted gene losses but extensive expression reprogramming",, Portail Data INRAE, V1, UNF:6:jY13iPp6Ar4xBi23WIDSwA== [fileUNF]
this dataset provides the results of the de novo assembly and annotation of RNA-seq data from the mycoheterotrophic orchids Neottia nidus-avis and Epipogium aphyllum. For each species, a gff file, an annotation file and an expression count table is provided. The raw sequencing da...
Unknown - 45.6 MB - MD5: d7cf7371052b21d2fc1b80515e2c68c3
GFF file of the de novo assembly for E. aphyllum
Tab-Delimited - 15.1 MB - MD5: b2111b27397e06611337ff11f1a7689a
Annotation of the contigs of the de novo assembly for E. aphyllum
Plain Text - 1.7 MB - MD5: 5e7473d2eaf014d788d651e50625eeb9
expression count matrix for E. aphyllum
Unknown - 54.7 MB - MD5: 0b92e608a77463876cae4dd27b602a15
GFF file of the de novo assembly for Neottia nidus-avis
Tab-Delimited - 15.8 MB - MD5: 11811a3e45ee1e4131a7fc1319bdcf82
Annotation of the de novo assembly for Neottia nidus-avis
Plain Text - 1.9 MB - MD5: 338647cf4ec2cb15eb148aae75a9e654
Expression count matrix for N. nidus-avis
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