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Tab-Delimited - 3.1 MB - MD5: a66d4636719711453d5eb8fd45507202
This file contains the raw phenotypic data per experiment (Location × year × water regime): one value per individual plot and outliers have been removed. It contains 12 columns for identifying the experiment, the genotypes and metadata: «Site», «year», «Experiment»: experiments...
Tab-Delimited - 80.4 KB - MD5: f5d1e93424ed0b7b7e078e08fcca3d36
This file contains plant traits measured at the plant level (10 plants per plot) for the reference genotype only (B73_H). It contains 27 columns: «Site», «year», «Experiment»: experiments ID with location («Site») and year («year») of experiment. In «Experiment», experiments are...
PLINK Binary - 86.7 MB - MD5: aeb0634de1af8a04645c6cd33cccbb13
FruitBreedomics_apple_253K_SNP.bed : 253K genotyping matrix in plink binary format (see Genotyping of 253,095 SNP loci on 1,433 apple genotypes was obtained using the Axiom®Apple480K array (Bianco et al 2016, doi: 10.1111/tpj.1314...
Unknown - 7.8 MB - MD5: fd685e71f2979929531cc2ee5932e0db
FruitBreedomics_apple_253K_SNP.bim : Description of 253,095 SNP loci genotyped using the Axiom®Apple480K array (Bianco et al., 2016): position on GDDH13 v1.1 reference genome (Daccord et al 2017) together with reference and alternative alleles, in plink binary format (see http://...
Unknown - 27.7 KB - MD5: 2304ad9163dd2e89a188a547962dfe91
FruitBreedomics_apple_253K_SNP.fam : Identifiers of apple genotypes, under the form of their Malus UNiQue genotype code (MUNQ), in plink binary format (see
Tab-Delimited - 52.3 KB - MD5: 11b653b70c94b671785cf0e99dfdcbfd
FruitBreedomics_apple_material_description.xlsx : List of the 1433 unique Malus x domestica genotypes (MUNQ) analyzed, with the accession number of the accession used to represent the MUNQ in genotyping (Accession code), the preferred name attributed to the MUNQ (Preferred Name),...
text/plain - 194.8 MB - MD5: 89ff04e6671e160988a1654ced78e63b
Raw SNP genotyping dataset related to the GWAS panel of 170 accessions from the INRAE's walnut germplasm collection
text/plain - 138.1 MB - MD5: 264ad5a5ef63036f22d12a9e123669b1
Raw SNP genotyping dataset related to the F1 progeny of 78 individuals from the 'Franquette' x 'UK 6.2' cross
text/tab-separated-values - 9.3 KB - MD5: a8b6f6ef096fbe741cce22ded18cab53
List of ID to make the link between the Axiom array ID of the accessions and the INRAE IDs of the Walnut Genetic Resources (
Tab-Delimited - 418.0 KB - MD5: 0e27d70a5f877c208ba536aa6db0ce35
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