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Unknown - 27.4 KB - MD5: 9a71fda498b62c421f8c73bbbfdde039
R script used to run the HMSC models
Tab-Delimited - 1.4 KB - MD5: cd949a775cfc070c442898ffa431f24f
Description of the fungal species found in the network
Tab-Delimited - 69.2 KB - MD5: e3dd95822357d3bf911076249bf81fa4
X matrix used to run the HMSC models
Unknown - 53.7 KB - MD5: 631fe03be03a47ef7ab33d8e04339f82
R script performing PCoA, GLMs and PERMANOVA and formatting the HMSC model results
Comma Separated Values - 635.8 KB - MD5: 24fa014641b6fedc36ece2dec9cbf3c7
ASV taxonomic assignments
R Data - 7.6 KB - MD5: 6b210b7c1bda12adc50f275ea4dbc7f0
Results of the network built with the HMSC model (abundance)
R Data - 7.7 KB - MD5: 2cc6f409997ed304ecd94d7d67f5267a
Results of the network built with the HMSC model (presence-absence)
Jul 3, 2020 - Transposons mobility in M. incognita
Kozlowski, Djampa, 2020, "TE polymorphisms detection and analysis with PopoolationTE2",, Portail Data INRAE, V2
Summary: contains the i) popoolationTE2 workflow used to detect polymorphism across M. incognita's isolates and evaluate the tool error rate, ii) the popoolationTE2 output file containing all the potential TE polymorphisms, iii) the global analysis workflow.
Unknown - 94.3 KB - MD5: 3558088a924104a0d5c00151471a0639
The global analysis workflow. Main file of the study.
Jul 3, 2020 - Transposons mobility in M. incognita
Kozlowski, Djampa; Hassanaly-Goulamhoussen, Rahim; Danchin, Eienne, 2020, "Experimental validations of TE-impacted coding or regulatory loci",, Portail Data INRAE, V2
Contains experimental validations results. The sup_mat_2.pptx file summarize: i) Characteristics of the tested loci: position in the genome, inserted TE, the region surrounding the insertion point, TE frequency values per isolate, experimental design (primers sequences, Tm), ii)...
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