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Adobe PDF - 318.9 KB - MD5: 8da6cbff1dc1ec625e1d4ecfe8809e91
This file contains the outline of the organization and contents of the files. It describes the different measurement scales available: Phenotypic data at the plot level in each field experiment (1a) and at the genotypic level in each field experiment and for both field experime...
Adobe PDF - 446.4 KB - MD5: 05a19a009b9d1eb23356a07dff8af5ce
Documentation describing the files of the NMR dataset to be used with NMRProcFlow and BioStatFlow tools to replay the processing.
Adobe PDF - 637.6 KB - MD5: 5e488a712cd90972974936333ef8c5ad
Adobe PDF - 311.9 KB - MD5: 7fe4aeb1a658f5667d2f23772b8a050e
Detailed Material and Method used in the manuscript Cornu et al. 2020 for Metabolomic analyses by proton NMR profiling of sunflower xylem sap.
Adobe PDF - 724.1 KB - MD5: 0972c5f8df13f685c0bf0ab161c85ed9
Detailed Material and Method used in the manuscript Musseau etal. 2020 for Metabolomic analyses by proton NMR profiling.
Tab-Delimited - 53.9 KB - MD5: 3e62a05f2b8a775f13a2a7a7198eb02b
This table (354 rows x 10 columns) describes the 354 accessions genotyped by three technologies in genotyping matrix. 10 columns indicates variety name (Variety_ID), accession name (Accession_ID), breeder that obtained inbred lines (Breeder), institution that provided initial see...
Tab-Delimited - 88.7 KB - MD5: 6eddc34c0d9b2a6bae21a0d5089d2932
This file contains the raw phenotypic data per experiment in each field experiment (respectively 2015 and 2016, in Saint Martin de Hynx INRA experimental station, 43°N, 553 1.3°W, France): one value per individual plot, and outliers have been removed. It contains six columns of i...
Tab-Delimited - 71.7 KB - MD5: 3d6b6585746026163a327c61146d1101
This file contains the genotypic means (Best Linear Unbiased Estimation, BLUEs), with one value per experiment (year) per genotype, for flowering-related traits in the field. It contains two columns of identification of experiments and genotypes. «Experiment»: experiments ID desc...
Jul 3, 2020 - Metabolome of tomato fruit pericarp of gbp1-c CRISPR mutant
Deborde, Catherine, 2020, "1D 1H-NMR metabolomics of tomato fruit pericarp of gbp1-c mutants and Wild Type",, Portail Data INRAE, V2, UNF:6:XTfzUN9Uy4U+BCLOvg/pBw== [fileUNF]
1D 1H-NMR metabolomic profiling of 15 DPA, 20 DPA, 25 DPA and Breaker fruit pericarp from the WT, gbp1-c4 and gbp1-c8 independent mutant lines of tomato.
Tab-Delimited - 54.9 MB - MD5: 94b810f814c543253133445d3ca13f8e
This table (978,134 rows x 8 columns) describes the 973,134 loci genotyped by one of three technologies on 354 accessions. Columns indicates the name of SNP (, position of each loci on chromosome (Chromosome) and along each chromosomes in base pairs (Position) according...
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