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Tab-Separated Values - 671.9 MB - MD5: db08c38de1cff98c135ef3408e10dd79
Genotyping matrix with inbred lines in row and markers in columns (354 rows x 978,135 columns). The first columns indicates the variety name. The header of genotyping matrix indicates names of markers. Genotyping data matrix were coded in allelic dose (0,1,2) and all markers is...
Tab-Separated Values - 645 B - MD5: 4bd8707ff9dbb31451b1e47c21d46d3e
Yeast strains used in the co-culture experiments
R Data - 10.3 KB - MD5: 64a22cded795506c9ab67a266f48ac84
Results of the network built with the HMSC model (presence-absence)
Comma Separated Values - 1.6 MB - MD5: 143b1fa56c8ff8495f2dedc77a309167
ASV table
PLINK Binary - 273.1 KB - MD5: 55537462d13a7b63478a5c86bacd3c85
C.elegans canonical TE annotation file. Extracted from the draft TE annotation (bed format) using REPETpostAnal-
Comma Separated Values - 142.5 KB - MD5: 0609574b1d3a113c77044265e36bfd18
Table of the relative quantification by 1D 1H-NMR of semipolar extract of gpb1-c mutants and wild type tomato fruit pericarp.
Jun 10, 2020 - Frimouss Cucumber
JSON - 14.4 KB - MD5: c6f21d92da387305937f17f016efc172
ODAM datapackage based on JSON Schema
Jun 10, 2020 - Frimouss Kiwi
JSON - 14.2 KB - MD5: ae8b72044f755a351ab22fdbfef1da36
ODAM datapackage based on JSON Schema
Jun 10, 2020 - Frimouss Clementine
JSON - 14.9 KB - MD5: d62e457b8dcc3264b496b478328b152d
ODAM datapackage based on JSON Schema
Jun 10, 2020 - Frimouss Apple
JSON - 14.8 KB - MD5: 3116d84377103a9c1e8eb50eded04a3e
ODAM datapackage based on JSON Schema
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